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Halogen bulbs or LED

Halogen headlights are currently the most popular in the automotive world and,

Basically a halogen light bulb has a lifetime of about 1,000 hours under normal conditions, while replacement costs are usually very low comparable to the other types bellow (around 30 bucks for a decent set). However, halogen bulbs are becoming the second option for more and more car companies around the world. The reason? Halogen isn't exactly synonym to efficiency and, to better understand why, we'll explain how such a light bulb works.

In just a few words, there are the pros and cons of halogen headlamps:


•easy to replace

•simple construction

•different dimensions

•cost effective


•energy wasting

•extra care required

The automotive industry has evolved a lot, that's for sure. Along with it, headlamps have reached another level and LEDs seem to be the solution for mass-produced cars.LED now are used in many areas,because it has many advantages. 


•small size, allow great manipulation for various shapes

•very low energy consumption

•brighter than halogen headlights while still offering a warmer light than HIDs